Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring is on its way!

The days have been getting longer and more sunny in Madison. This can mean only one thing: Spring is on its way! Spring in Madison is such a beautiful time. The Farmer's Market starts back in the Capitol Square again, flowers come into bloom, robins return and sign their lovely songs for us. And, at MESLS, we get to begin so many fun and exciting activities!

Today, we will be testing our skills at bowling. We have a fantastic competition between many of our students who love to bowl, and tonight, the winner takes all! Next week, we will be learning about Saint Patrick's Day, the traditional March celebration that's very popular all over the United States. We will also be having an Easter Egg Hunt later, volunteering at a local food pantry, and traveling to Spring Green, WI to visit the famed House on the Rock!

Stay tuned for pictures of the good times to come!