Monday, November 9, 2015

Experiencing new things!

Choosing to study abroad can mean something different for everyone. But the common theme is always the chance to experience things in a new way. For example, the simple act of going to see a movie is made new and exciting simply by being in a different country! Not only are theaters set up differently, but the crowd involvement and language used can be very different, too!

MESLS students will be going to see the new James Bond 007 movie Spectre tomorrow night. The action-packed Bond movie is sure to be a hit, and the experience will be unforgettable. We will also be visiting a local favorite restaurant called The Great Dane, where students can sample locally-brewed beer and enjoy classic Wisconsin food, like savory hamburgers and German-inspired soups and appetizers.

Have you seen the new movie yet? What did you think of it? Dinner and a movie are a great way to spend time with others and try something new. What is your favorite way to spend time with friends?

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