Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why is learning English important?

We all wonder whether or not learning another language will really be helpful. We often think about the long hours we will have to spend trying to learn vocabulary and grammar rules, the hours of practice to get pronunciation right, and the time dedicated to reading news articles and books in our chosen second language. But often we do not think about the positive benefits of learning a second language, apart from the potential of getting a new job that needs that language skill.

Learning a second language can open many doors for us to better understand the world and the many other cultures within it. We become much more creative by using different parts of our brains to understand the new words and sounds of a new language. And we open the door to learn a third or maybe even a fourth language!

There are so many positive benefits from learning another language, we could spend days describing each and every one in detail, but the writers and teachers at ESL Partyland have already done that. Read more here, and then try your hand at some of the great quizzes and games they have developed to help you practice your skills outside of class!

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