Thursday, February 6, 2014

Student Essay!

Madison (a small essay by a MESLS student)

Madison is the capitol city of Wisconsin state, which is located in the Midwest of the United States. Also, it is population around 240,323. Also; it is a safe city, which has low crime percentage compared to Wisconsin cities.

When I think about Madison, many things come to my mind. Madison is one of the best educational cities in the United States, which has one of top ten ranked universities in the States. It also has wonderful lakes surrounding the city, which have many ducks, so Madison is a nice place to study and live.

Furthermore, the city has cold weather in the winter, and it snows five months yearly. Even if Madison has a lot of snow, the workers can clear snow from the roads so that people can drive well. I like the downtown. It has a lot of activities, and the people there are so much friendly. In addition, the first day I came here, I saw the city was quiet, and nobody in the streets, but it was wrong impression; people here in Madison like to work hard during the weekdays. On the other hand, people do a lot of activities during weekends such as volunteers’ work and dancing in the state street.

In conclusion, Madison is a nice city for people who want to study and graduate from one of the best universities in the United States and enjoy the activities, cold weather, and the safe life. In addition, if you want to have delicious cheeses or great beers, you have to come to this city.