Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What do you wish you had known before coming to MESLS?  That's the question we asked our 301 (advanced) students.  Here's one response:

I Wish I Had Known Someone in the U.S.A

 When I decided to come to the U.S, I felt concerned. I was asking myself, “What will I

face in my new life in the U.S?” Additionally, I had imagined that the U.S is just for someone

who wants to work, and it is hard to live with this community. In fact, I wish that I had known

someone to tell me about the U.S. While I was in my country, I spent a lot of time when thinking

about the U.S. For example, will I find my native food, or what about shopping, and how I can

be one of this community.

Whenever I started to pack my luggage, I was so anxious. First, I did not know if I should

have picked some of my native food or not, just in case I did not want to eat outside, or I missed

my mother’s food. Second, I took many things in my luggage, such as scarves and some long

clothes, because as a Muslim woman, I have to cover my hair and wear long clothes. In other

words, I had no idea if I would find them or not. However, the most things which I had been

thinking are about people. Rather, when I came here, I did not speak English, and I did not

understand it, so how could I explain what I want, and how can I buy my necessary stuff.

On the other hand, after I came to the U.S, my views have changed. As a matter of

fact, I found a lot of Asian and Arabic stories. As a result, I have made my lovely native food.

Likewise, I made some traditional foods, examples of which are dates cheesecake and hummus

with falafel. Moreover, I realized that the clothes here are smaller to clothes in Saudi Arabia, so I did

not order anything from my home country. As soon as I started to learn English, I liked to talk

with people. Actually, I discovered that most of the people here in the U.S are kind, and they

accept me; also, they respect me.

To conclude, if I could go back to before I came here, I would tell myself “Do not

worry!”, “Relax!”, and “Enjoy!.” Now I am learning English, and I almost understand everything

which happens around me. Indeed, this point helps me to be one of this community.